Contact Your US Senators: STOP Senator's Reid Health Care Bill!
ACT NOW...BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE...just a Few Days!

Stop the Job & People Killer "Health" Care-Less Bill!

Replace it with S1099!

ALERT: US Senate Leader Reid plans a Jan. 20, '10 Health Bill Vote one day after Senators return from vacation with no time for our actual Senators to read or debate! Tell your Representative & Senators: No funding of child killing abortion!
"Kill the Bill, not Patients!" (Elderly on Medicare, the Unborn)
"It is a bill we cannot afford!" (Families, Workers & Business)
Senator Reid & Democrats intend--while you are still sleeping or working--to:
--throw Grandma under the bus, cutting Medicare 23% or $450 Billion
--throw the Unborn, Preborn Children under the bus by Funding Abortion
--throw Patients under the bus by replacing Doctors with cost-cutting accountants in
setting new rationing medical standards & funding Assisted Suicide, Nazi Medicine!
--throw Doctors & Nurses under the bus by not respecting their Right of Conscience & underpaying them in Medicare and Medicaid, Veterans, Indians, etc. gov. programs
--throw Families, Women & Children, Workers and Businesses under by massive new National Debt and Deficites, higher premiums, deadly delays in services & new taxes on drugs, devices and income...Killing Jobs, Businesses, Family Budgets & Patients.

Senator Harry Reid & Speaker Pelosi are the Grinches who would scrooge Americans out of their Current Quality Health Care System with a Government Bureaucrats' takeover by Cost-Cutting Accountants and Ordinary non-medical Citizens REPLACING DOCTORS in SETTING MEDICAL STANDARDS and delivering less & lower quality care at higher costs with huge long lines causing DEADLY "crowding out" effect!

Things you can do! Tell the US Senators, Voting for the bill...

1. Will most certainly cause their party strategic political harm and

2. Will likely make them un-electable! Let them know you will get out the word!

1. Call, Email, Fax, Visit or Mail your Senators--at local district offices or Washington, DC
2. Ask Friends, Family, Neighbors, Fellow Students or Professionals and Organizations & Churches and Members to contact their US Senators too, also by Telephone, Email, Fax, Visit or Mail your Senators--at local district offices or in Washington, DC.
Points for your US Senators & US Representative...even State Governors:
  1. Stop Senator Reid's Health Care Bill; It's A Bill We Cannot Afford!
  2. Kill the Bill, Not the Patient! It's a $2.5 Trillion Job, Business & Patient Killer!
  3. Gov. Bureaucrats cannot Replace Doctors in Correctly Setting Med. Standards!
  4. Don't Fund Abortion or Assisted Suicide! Conscience Clause: respect docs, clinics!
  5. Don't Cut Elderly Medicare: +23% i.e., $450 Billion cuts in Reid's Bill
  6. Tell your Senators to:
  7. Vote No on the Reid Health Care Bill because it includes the following:

    1. Funds Abortion & Assisted Suicide: Doctors, Nurses, clinics & hospitals will quit or close! Voters Will Revolt!
    2. Denys Right of Conscience for Medical Professionals, Clinics, Hospitals & Patients: will mean LESS providers, many will retire early, quit, close or leave the country rather than comply.
    3. Cuts in Medicare Services: ca 23% or $450 Billion—to harm Voting Seniors
    4. Kills Jobs and Businesses: Government Health Care Plan Costs=layoffs, fewer new hires & bankruptcies.
    5. Creates Huge Government Take Over of Medicine & Insurance: setting, limiting and rationing Health Care
    6. Diagnostic and treatment standards would be set by Government Bureaucrats: not doctors and patients,
    7. Doesn’t provide any reasonable Medical Malpractice Reform:  would save $ Billions annually
    8. Doesn’t allow nation-wide medical insurance purchases:  would lower costs and premiums
    9. Increases taxes: hidden drug and medical device taxes, premium and excise taxes & fines
    10. Large premium increases: over $1,500 per family, for union and other workers, large and small businesses
    11. Government Controlled Health Care Costs will create new national deficits: up to $ 2.5 Trillion
    12. Government Standards & Price Fixing: crushes innovation, mean less care and lower quality of care
    13. More Deaths:  will be caused by “crowding out” long waiting lines by increasing patients but not providers
    14. Failure to adequately reimburse doctors:  means less access for Medicare and Medicaid patients

Current Status:

Senate Health Care Bill:  A Bill We Cannot Afford! Rationing!

Funds Abortion & Assisted Suicide!

+ 23% Cuts Elder Care: Medicare, Homecare, Nursing Homes!

Gov. Control to Replace Your Doctors: Re-set Med. Standards by

Cost-Cutting Accountants, Bureaucrats = Less & Lower Quality!

More Expensive Diagnostics, Treatments, Drugs & Devices!

Higher Premiums, Taxes & Deficits. +25 Million not covered!

No Respect for the Conscience of Doctors, Nurses or Patients!

Kill the Senate Bill, Not the Patients! Avoid Crowding Out!

Quick, Easy Contact Your US Senators: RealHealthCare.Net?

Negatives of Senator Reid's Senate Health Care Plan:

-- All the Nation needed was for a single US Senator to veto the bill but 60 Democrat & Independent Senators voted for it Saturday November 21, 2009!

After November 30, 2009:

  • the US Senate began official debate, it might now only take 50 US Senators to pass the bill--even though many have said they might vote against it--with the 51st vote to be cast by the Vice President in case of a tie of 50 Senators.
  • Senators may begin proposing amendments, Demand the following:
  • A. No funding of abortion or assisted suicide --an absolute requirement
  • B. Recognition of the conscience of medical professionals, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and research centers as well as labs to
  • 1. Protect Patients.
  • 2. Protect freedom of religion, churches and practitioners
  • 3. Protect the medical professionals
  • C. No death panels, i.e., commissions, committees, bureaus, boards or similar groups redefining medical standards or interfering with the doctor patient relationships.
  • D. Yes to interstate competition for insurance businesses to increase competition, efficiencies and pricing.
  • E. Set limitations on malpractice lawsuits.
  • F. No public or government option.
  • G. No government take over of medicare, setting one size fits all.
  • H. No to planned Medicare cuts of nearly $500 Billion.
  • I. Incentives rather than fines or jail to encourage younger generations to sign up for health insurance.

1. Death Panels:

Government Panels such as the Health Benefits Advisory Committee or other health coordinating government groups all lead by the HEW Secretary to radically reduce, i.e., ration care for children, families, women and the elderly as well as to underpay doctors and hospitals. Attempting to replace local and the millions of doctors, researchers and other medical professionals of the world-wide medical community including research centers and medical schools, a Presidential selection of government cost-cutting accountants and about 20 ordinary citizens, knowing little or nothing about medicine, will implement age restrictions ending in many deaths of younger people becoming ill early:

  • Women to have extreme age restrictions on diagnostics such as Mammograms--not before 50--and Pap Smears--not before 21.
  • Men also will be limited regards Prostate exams
  • Men and Women will have little access to colonoscopies.

2. Ethical Failure:

  • Forcing us to pay for other people's abortions in numerous places in the bill
  • Forcing us to pay for assisted suicide
  • Failing to recognize the conscience of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals which protects patents in the first place and secondarily the conscience of medical staff.

3. Elderly Harm:

  • $523 billion cut in Medicare
  • Cut of 20% in Medicare Advantage--only elder health care in some parts of the country
  • Cuts in allowed procedures, operations and drugs etc.
  • No cost-of-living increases will be allowed during the next two years when potential hyper inflation is highly likely, caused by the Obama Administration with Congressional spending out of control.

4. Youth Harm:

  • Worsening Unemployment: Overburdened small and larger businesses will hire only a few new youth due to overspending and new taxes and health care expenses
  • 32% College Tuition Inflation: Inflationary Government Policies will result in dramatic inflationary increases in cost of university and college educations, i.e., California to raise tuition in all State colleges and universities by 32%.
  • Threats of Jail Time or Huge Fines for struggling youth if they don't or cannot pay for new mandated health care plan.

5. Seventeen New Taxes:

  • Taxes for the next 10 years to fund the new health care plans with no benefits or changes till 2014:

6. Dem Senate Leader Harry Reid’s Goals…not met by his own bill:

Health Care
I want to make quality, affordable health care available to every Nevadan by cutting costs, improving quality, and expanding access. I am also committed to protecting Nevadans from existing and emerging threats to health by funding research on diseases and preparing the nation for a potential pandemic.

Results from Reid Bill:

A. Quality? Government commissions with Cost-Cutting accountants will limit or eliminate access to care for some classes of patients:

--Women will be uniformly age restricted from access to mammograms or pap smears despite medical indicators discovered by patients and their doctors.

B. 17 new taxes on premiums, drugs, medical devices, families, individuals and businesses as well as cutting 23%, i.e., $450 Billion from Grandma's Medicare will not make health care more affordable...but more expensive and less accessible.

C. Forcing taxpayers to fund abortion or assisted suicide will:

  • It is a fundamental violation of every citizen's freedom of the exercise of their religion, ethics and morality.
  • Kill needed generations, necessary to support the elderly, contribute their creative human genius to solve present and future problems as well as to inspire us with their courage, humor, athletic prowess, art, music, literature, discoveries, services and millions of other contributions.
  • Will cause many additional tens of thousands of women to suffer the pain and mutilation of breast cancer caused by the unnatural interruption of pregnancy which leaves many immature milk producing breast cells at risk of growing into cancer cells, because they no longer have the healthy natural growth guidance of their pregnancy to complete the growth process in a healthy way!