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Sen. Reid’s Government-Run Health Plan STILL Requires a Monthly Abortion Fee

Senate Health Care Bill H.R.3590: Abortion Funding Allowed in Saturday Special Manager's Amendment

... but Senators Ben Nelson (D-NE) & Mary Landrieu (D-LA) et al get "absolute Promises" ... "pieces of silver" for their respective States:

US Senate BILL--from US Senate Web-Site...Downloads for Senate Amended HR3590 Bill:

  1. Text of Senate Bill H.R.3590
  2. Dec. 18, 2009 Manager's Amendment with Senator Ben Nelson's Abortion Funding Allowance
  3. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) & Joint Tax Committee (JTC) Financial Cost Analysis

Alternate Download of texts: 1. HR3590 Text 2. Dec-18 Manager's Amend. 3. CBO/JTC Analysis

House of Representatives BILL: H.R.3962 Text

Unfortunately, HR3590 still includes:

  1. Deep Elder Medical Services cuts: at least 23% i.e., $450 Billion in Medicare and
  2. New High Taxes: at least 17 new taxes added on Drugs, Medical Devices, Insurance Premiums, Individuals and Business--Jobs, Business and Patient Killer
  3. Radical Medical Takeover: Government Cost-Cutting Accountants & non-medical Bureaucrats with HEW Secretary would replace World-Wide and Local Medical Community and Doctors in setting diagnostic and treatment standards, limiting, denying or slowing care and medical innovation & discoveries as well as causing “crowding out” effect of deadly long waiting lines.

(Example of Government Care by non-medical Committee : Remember a recent institute’s cost-cutting recommendation for across the board, nation-wide delay in diagnostics: mammogram, pap smear, prostrate exam and colonoscopy. Doctors and insurance companies, promptly promised to ignor the bad medicine and continue to support appropriate diagnostics based on evidence and doctors' recommendations rather than bureaucrats. Senator Mikulski was compelled to include amendment to HR3590 following doctors and insurance companies' wisdom, agility and nimbleness, putting patient lives above cost-cutting statistics. So busy politicians would have to have to interfer with bureaucrats interfering with the doctor-patient relationship in order to preserve today's high American health care standards?)

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